E-Bike WM for Everyone.

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Everyone can become a world champion

E-Bike WM in Ischgl

Whether you are a passionate cyclist or just an occasional cyclist, the open e-bike world championship in Ischgl is an event that is suitable for everyone.

Whether you want to challenge yourself athletically or simply enjoy the exciting atmosphere of a competition in a breathtaking setting on an e-bike, the E-Bike World Championships for Everyone offers something for everyone.

e bike wm in ischgl

Save the date

06. - 07. 09.2024

Register now for the E-Bike World Championships on 6 and 7 September 2024.

The following services are included in the starter package
Secured starting place for the race
T-shirt to take home
Race number with transponder for timekeeping
Personalised start number for registration by 19.08.2023

It pays to be quick, because a Storck E:Drenalin 2 SPS e-bike worth €7,499 will be raffled off among the first 333 registrations.

The first challenge

E-bike foxhunt

The e-bike fox hunt offers a unique and entertaining experience format. In this fun competition, the challenge between cyclists without electric pedal assistance and those with e-bikes is thematised in a playful way.

Based on the concept of the medieval fox hunt, a sporty cyclist without electric assistance takes on the role of the “fox”. The fox starts with a time advantage and the e-bikers try to catch up with him by the finish line.

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