Running with the most beautiful mountain panorama

Trail running – a challenge of a special kind.



Trail running is much more than just running off the hard asphalt! In contrast to mountain running, where the focus is primarily on the steepest and fastest ascent possible, the route and the terrain in trail running is much more diverse and makes a run so quite exciting!

Depending on the route, you will encounter different conditions such as fine pebbles, scree, rock, grass, mud or sometimes snow in this trendy sport. The gradient will also change from time to time. So trail running is not about keeping a constant running pace, but adapting to the terrain and nature over and over again. When uphill sections.

On a trail run, you tend to alternate between walking and running in the uphill sections, because often running is not possible at all on steep slopes.  Running downhill also requires balance. With a little technique and concentration, it is important to cushion each step on the downhill slope and to land safely on the forefoot. Trail running is therefore clearly a whole-body sport that intensively trains and stresses your muscles and coordination.

Trailruning 02

Here in Paznaun you will find the best conditions for sporty hours in the mountains, from flat terrain for joggers to challenging alpine running routes! Enjoy the completely new and different running feeling in the midst of the most beautiful nature and discover Ischgl from its sporty side.

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